Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Voyage on...

For the first time in this blog we have passed our midway point and there is less time ahead than behind. What an amazing journey so far and what amazing people on route. Our last post was a while ago, around Christmas time, where we said goodbye to the coast for the first time and headed inland to the mountains and SNOW!!!! A big deal for the Harley family, who had never experienced this before. 

Entrance to Yosemite Valley

Voyage Recharge

When you have been on the road for 5 months, away from home- you start to feel the wear of the journey and this is magnified by the holidays- which is usually filled with family. In our hearts we plan our steps but the Lord directs our paths. He leads us besides quiet waters ...The Gonzalez family opened their home to us..... an amazing oasis. We felt welcomed and at home in a very special way. Thank you so so much. We were refreshed and words can never express how much this time recharged us. 

Yosemite Valley Christmas Day. #Gods Country #breathtaking

Voyage Harbours & Ships 

If Christian Surfers represents some of the ships God uses to take His story to the surfing world, then we could say that Churches are the harbours that build, empower, restore and encourage these ships. On the California Coast, I was able to connect with a few such harbours. North Coast Calvary Chapel; Shore Line and La Jolla Christian Fellowship were my harbours whilst in Cali. However, as I think back over this trip, I am reminded of numerous other harbours that have been empowered of our voyage :)

Some one once said to me that "Gods call stays the same but his assignments change." Nick Gilmore was one of the key leaders that was catalytic, along with Steve Bailey and others, in shaping Christian Surfers Australia. Nick answered God's new assignment and is now the Missions Pastor at North Coast Calvary Chapel. 
"Legend, thanks for your wisdom and hospitality. Thanks for connecting me with the "Coach" and with men who could speak wisdom and insight into my life. Blessings to you V and Mo."
Different CS Chapters / Local mission in Cali / 
I met a young kid one night about 17, at a local CS meeting. He has been sober for a few months he tells me. His eyes have a fresh sparkle as he sits in a group of people, as they listen to a fellow surfer share their Jesus story. There were about 50 people gathered at this Monday night meeting. A number are followers of Christ and others are seeking. Again I'm blown away by how God is changing surfers lives through the faithful efforts of CS leaders and their CS Chapters. 

Dean & Amy Plumlee, who have lead CSUS for the last 9 years, have also recently felt that God has changed their assignment. Dean, probably more than any one else I know, has faithfully focussed the US and influenced the broader CS movement around the centrality of Jesus and his call to make Disciples. His giftedness in preaching, teaching and writing, are given all the more credence by a life that exemplifies a disciple maker and life long follower of Jesus. May your influence for His Kingdom grow and may you be empowered as He hands you your new assignment. 

Dean & Amy Plumlee. Thank you for your faithful service. Thank you for exemplifying the love of Jesus and calling us all to be focused on his call to make Disciples. It is the core of our mission and the bedrock of His kingdom. Looking forward to serving with you further as you step into His new assignment for your lives. 

Sometimes it's the most unexpected promptings on the journey that give you the most encouragement . Just this morning I felt moved to pray for Brian Edwards from Huntington beach. Later I decide to call. As we caught up he told me a story so simple and so true and one that continually resonates around the CS world and one that never ever gets old. Just this week he was going for a surf on a misty morning in Hunnington, bumped into another CS leader, Rick Roe, who was with two teenage boys heading out. Brian felt moved to share the story of Jesus' love with them and they responded and so a new discipleship journey begins. I was 16 when Jesus rocked up in my surfing world and it has been the most amazing adventure ever since. I'm excited... for who knows how these two new stories will unfold and what they may do for His Kingdom.

Mark Chu and Brian Edwards - Constant proclaimers of the Love of Jesus to our surfing Tribe :) 

Voyage...ISA; Africa & Mexico 

No trip to Southern California would be right without a high quota of carne asada burrito's, Tom's fish Taco's, a visit to San Diego and the grom "Alex Reynolds" CS Africa Coordinator and ISA frother. And of course a road trip- south of the boarder to some epic waves in Mexico. 

Alex Reynolds CS Africa RC / Shannon Bolotin (her dad Tom makes the best fish tacos ANYWHERE. / Nathan Harley- yip sitting backwards on Val Reynolds tandem pulling a shaka, classic 

San Miguel Surf Spot / CS Crew / Taco Heaven (it was that good but I didn't take the surf photo I was surfing. Photo from web)
Mexico, just south of the California Boarder, was an epic trip. What was even more of a stoke was seeing the burgeoning Mexico surf community. Please pray for places like San Miguel and Sayulita, that CS would be able to serve and empower God's work among surfers in these communities. 

Photo From web / next gen rippers :) The fields are white unto harvest.
The Boarder Crossing. Ok so I have heard all the horror stories about the boarder crossing and how long it takes. I'm the only Safer in the car hoping that all is good with my visa...I kid you not- our car overheats and we literally push it across the boarder post. A white, tinted window van full of salty, post surf, bloodshot eyed, surfed out surfers....tooo funny.

Voyage...Shore Line 

It was fantastic having Brett David, the CS Founder, over in California. BD connected me with a number of his contacts and imparting the wisdom of the "Founder Advisor" to his padawan. We were able to run a Surf Ministry network meeting at Shore Line Church in San Clemente. We also had a special dinner hosted by the pastor George Hulse at his house, where a number of people could come and hear about CS from Dean Plumlee- CS US ND, Brett and myself. We were also able to do a crazy one day trip up to santa Barbara to connect with other CS friends like Britt Merrick, Lizelle Wilsnagh & Matt Coleman.  

Rincon. A beautiful wave, unfortunately didn't get time to surf it. Caught up with Brit Merrick 
All over the world we have bumped into what I would like to call our secret heroes. Amy Wong and Mark Chu are two of those people. So much happened because of them. The dinner I was telling you about is just one example. We cannot say thank you enough guys for loving on us as a family. Amy lives close to LAX, a $5 Uber taxi ride. Amy is a rocket scientist , no kidding your cell phone works because she helped get the satellites up there, or something. Amy is also the person who after a LOOOOONG day at the office did three late night airport pick ups, took us to in and out burgers (California tradition / Go animal style if you get  chance LOL) And gave us her floor to crash on before we exited. 

Amy Wong, straight up you are one of our secret CS hero's. Ps. sorry if I blew your cover 

Voyage - Hawaii - Aloha 

Aloha the north shore and Home away from home :) 
We arrived and were welcomed at the Honolulu Airport by CSI Board member and North Shore shaping legend Eric Arakawa. Amazingly it was the finals of the Volcom Pipe pro, and the Harley's managed to drag Eric through Costco, (wholesale food store) just long enough to ensure he missed the finals of the contest...Sorry Eric. 

Thanks for fetching us from the Airport during the Volcom Contest Erric, We owe you big time.... 
Thanks to Tony and Tammy Moniz for letting us shoot these shots from the Billabong house opposite pipe. 
This has been a month that has gone by way too fast. In my prayer times before coming to Hawaii I felt challenged to not ask how we might get CS established in Hawaii but to rather ask how could we position ourselves to serve what God is already doing in Hawaii. What I came to realize through BD, Eric & Sue Arakawa and others, was the rich and deep legacy of all that our amazing God and Father has been doing over many, many years with his faithful followers on the island of Oahu. I was inspired as meetings produced stories of people who have been ministering faithfully here for many years. Thank you to Pastor Larry Garrett from the Sunset Beach Christian Church, who accommodated us in a way that exemplifies the Aloha of Hawaii. That you to Christian, for loaning me a whole range of boards as my 5'11 was not going to be appropriate. Thank you to Pastors Mike Stangle from North Shore Christian Fellowship, Pastors Butch & Trip from The Mission, Scott & Nicky Bridgman for your years of impact and influence for God's Kingdom among surfers. For Dennis and pastor Roy on the South deepest Mahalo to God's Ohana. I will keep you in my heart and prayers as we travel on. It's with a sad heart that I say totsiens (Afrikaans for until we see each other again) 
A gift. The biggest swell in some 10 plus years, and for Hawaii that is something. The last time the event ran was 2009. The North shore literally shuts down. Cars line the Kamehameha Highway from the night before. People camp out, businesses close down (except FoodLand thats open from 3am for the Eddie) and by 06:00am on the day, you have to park at Haleiwa, 6 miles / 9km and walk in. So to be there, to experience it- was a breathtaking privilege to say the least. 

Form more images check out my photo gallery on Roy Harley Photography on FB

Home School on the Voyage 

We went to Pearl Harbor and all cried when we watched the movie. We saw the Eddie and went to the memorial and all cried when we watched the documentary of a man who lay down his life for his friends. Mahalo Hawaii we learnt much from you. 

How a surf board is made that the Arakawa Factor.

This is serious business. Dont mess with my board LOL.

Surf Time 

In-between the Huge surf we all got to give Hawaii a go / Surfing Haleiwa / Paddle boarding the Haleiwa river/ mom on the beach in the rain/ Dad also got some waves at Log Cabins and an epic session at Sunset :) 

Voyage on to New Zealand 

As the ink dries on this blog so to speak, we are pulling up anchor and setting sail further into the pacific for New Zeland. Kiwi brothers driving the left side of the road same as home. The land of Rugby, Cricket and long left handers :)