Monday, 26 October 2015



The last time I blogged, we were on Leg One. The UK. (England; Scotland ;Whales; North Ireland & Cornwall LOL) Sorry about the Rugby guys - Ouch and I can hear Nev from NZ saying the same thing :)

20kg Luggage cul (44 LBS)
Since then we have undergone two continental trips.
Fantasy vs Reality of intercontinental travel. Still smiling :)

Leaving Bristol, at 00:45 with no sleep with the very generous Melcome who drove us to Heathrow, so we could get there three hours early - the mandatory check in for international flights. Arrived at 03:00am to discover that as it was the first flight of the day the airport only opens at 04:30am Nice :) 
Fortunately we had done a luggage cull, Yip 20kg lighter, so basically a family of four with a ticket that allows us to have X2 23kg bags each = 184KG is now traveling with under 90kg (proud Dad) I sold this one by promising we could buy some new stuff some where, but due to the slipping Rand this may not materialize LOL



So we have decided to name each of the cars we drive in, by the going through the names of the Disciples.
Simon Peter was a beautiful golf and navigated the picturesque narrow streets of the english countryside. Peru however was a whole different story. Driving in Peru is an experience second to none. It's crazy but has a beautiful, noisy, warm gregarious rhythm. The hugest thank you to Aldo and Stella, as they became our drivers and enabled us to get around without risk of injury and death:)
Peru prior to rush hour; Simon Peter our UK Companion, James driven by Aldo & Stella in Peru / Glad it wasn't us :)


Fresh off the plane, it was straight to Ruth's house which would be our base in Lima, then SLEEEEP Friday and we were off to the beautiful beach house of Punta Hermosa. Aldo has kindly donated some time to CS to use this amazing facility opposite amazing surf breaks for our surf house accommodation.... so watch this space. 
That night we were able to join in a Local CS Peru meeting. 

Praise and Worship at Punta Hermosa CS Gathering 
One thing I'm finding over and over, is that it doesn't matter where you connect with CS, the heart of the people to see surfers have opportunity to know and follow Jesus - is always the same. So humbled and encouraged by this. 
It was exciting to join this crew where the very next day, they served at a National Peruvian Surf Contest in Punta Hermosa. Awesome Job guys. 

CS Punta Hermosa Serving the National Event. Competitors view and Judges view 

Water Shot CS Peru Crew with food, fruit, water etc for competitors
Pelicans in the line up 


Sunday Morning it was up and at em to get back to Lima, where Aldo's church had given us an amazing opportunity to present the work of Christian Surfers. I'm so thankful to their openness and graciousness in giving us this space as well as their backing and support of the work Aldo, Stella and the awesome CS Peru team. Takkie you are a legend thanks for all the media :) 

Thank you Mr Ventura for the awesome Job your doing :)

Aldo with Antonio, the National Director for CS Peru. Thanks guys for looking after us as a family so well :) 
Cool surf spot - A little left called Whyko (no idea on spelling) with Da Boys Antonio and local Chef Andreas = Best Ceviche EVER!!! at his restaurant. Absolute must for any foodie surfer :) 


After hanging in Lima for a week, being so well fed by Ruth's mom, Rebecca who was an amazing host. (Reminded me of my Nana :) Aldo and I headed over to join BD and the Brazilian Leadership team for some crucial meetings. This was no surf trip - this was a red eye(flight) all the way. We were headed to the Brazilian capital, to have a meeting around Governance. I have to say that this is becoming more and more of a recurring theme. Governance is about People, not structure, where we have good governance and healthy people in places of authority over us, we have healthy missions. Where we don't sooner or later.....we seem to have a road block. 
This is not the time to get into detail but I have to say that I left feeling encouraged and stoked to know that we as a mission are able to tackle the tough stuff. I applaud all the crew in the photo.
Godly meetings by an amazing group of brothers  - go the Brazilian CS Storm :)

On a lighter note it was fantastic to connect with BD and observe first hand the value of a Founder Advisor in our movement. He empowered us and inspired us on to the future. Thanks BD.

It was also a miracle because I met a social media phantom. Up until today no one knew if he really existed. Palario. So to give you and idea why I say this. On average most CS face book pages around the world range in the vicinity of 1000 to 5000 to some 15 000 likes depended on the size of the surfing population. BUT then comes brazil. 55 794- WOW!
You Go Guys. I encourage you to find a way to use this for the kingdom :) Hey if you haven't already go and like the page 


Another batch of red eye flights with Aldo. Thank you for all you give brother :) I so appreciate it. 

Photo from top right: left -Takkie CS Peru veritable legend of all things and a great worker, media guy and disciple maker; middle-CS Chille, good surfer and another legend. & right-Louis Jnr, who surfed with us and served with us. I see where his dad gets it. 
Dustin Miller our very own CS Central and North America RC. Diligently and hard at work doing training with the leaders from across S and Central America. 
Louis Snr is the national leader of CS Venezula. It has not always been easy but it was exciting to see what is happening on the ground - well done brother, especially under difficult circumstances.     
I have to share another story. From another brother from CS Panama that blew me away in the feedback session. Rodo is one of the CS Panama leaders with Mike & Lory Proctor. Almost every Friday this upwardly mobile lawyer drives 300km / 186 miles down the coast to connect with a group of grommies from his town who surf but who dont know Jesus. Rodo CS Salutes and honors you brother. You are the reason we do what we do. May God bless you and may you see all those grommies baptized and following Christ :)

Rodo driving above :) 

Great job Dustin, Aldo and Louis-this was a special gathering and most encouraging.


Another red eye flight, with Aldo, back to Peru to join our last weekly gathering with the crew from Lima. We met so many people that are so close to our hearts. Peru has to be one of the foodie capitals of the world, and it has the warm hospitable loving CS people to make sure you experience all of it. A great team working so hard to see Jesus come to surfers. A honor and a privilege to have been there with you all. 

CS Meeting Lima Crew

Thank you so much Aldo, Estela and Family and the whole CS South America Crew.
See you soon.

Proud Dad moments :)


I think that is good for the blog for now. We have set our course for the USA and been here for two weeks already. So much to tell and share with you next time. Thanks for your love prayers and support. You are investing in an amazing organization. SOOOOO Stoked :)