Monday, 25 May 2015

The wonderful Land down under 

Vision Mission core values and Strategic Focuses: Now that might seem like a mouth full but at 18:10 on the 29th April I left for Australia where we went through a strategic stocktake of Christian Surfers. 17 key stake holders from varying spheres of influence and Geographies were there for this important review. Excitingly we revisited the incredible journey God has taken Christian Surfers on. I was deeply moved by each of the voices in the room, the passion and desire to see the name of Jesus made great among our global surfing tribe.

CS Gathering Strat-Op

For more on Strat Op click here
17 Leaders from a broad global cross-section of CS going through our Strategic review process.
This Photo is the crew in the CS Office shared work Space in Thirroul New South Whales Australia

Together for His Kingdom, National Leaders, Regional Coordinators, Board members, Finances Communications etc etc. A cross section of the incredible team of people from all over the globe that empower our mission.

Camp Venice & the Flood 

Camp Venice as it became named due to the incessant rain.
Thanks to Brett and the Crew for arranging our camper vans. Due to immense amounts of rain we had to move the camp site from its intended spot down to Coledale Beach campsite. We still needed to provide wooden pallets and planks to enable us to walk between campers without paddling. With the rain came the wind. It was fantastic to be able to walk up to the Davis household camp around the fire and drink good coffee. Thanks BD & Gill for the warm open house :) 

Alex Favorite thing in all the world SNAKES !!!
Enough Said :)
No trip to Australia would be complete without some sort of adventure. This is Goliath and all who attend the 2016 CS International Conference will get a chance to play :) Thanks so much to the crew that organized for us to do this. It was AWESOME :)

Back Home for the Birthdays

Caitlyn Sleep over party / Actually a No-sleep over party

May is always a big month in the Harley Family. Caitlyn and Sharon have their Birthdays 1 week apart, so its a time of great celebration.
One Super Stoked Grommie in her all new Girls Specific Billabong Suite. 


By the time you are reading this we will be on route to Cape Town for a number of Visa Appointments. So much rests on this and hopefully we have the 1 Ton of paperwork required to get the Visa we need. This process began in April so all I can say is PRAY and watch this space.