Sunday, 26 July 2015

More Than We Can Ask Think or Imagine 

For all those wonderful CS people helping us with airport transfers this is the full package :)
If you had met me as a 14 year old grommy surfer and told me that one day I would spend 11 months traveling around the world, with my family connecting with the Christian Surfers in numerous nations, I would have thought that you were smoking your socks. He is able to do abundantly more than we can ask think or imagine. Eph 3:20

The Hardest Day 

Not a day we want to relive 

Dogs (Meka & Biscuit) headed to their new homes with my brother in Durban, Nathan not so stoked to say goodbye, Cailyn smashed her head while we were getting our last set of vaccinations and we had to put our cat, Indi, of 15 years down. Not the best day in the lives of the Harley's....Thank you Lord for your strength.

Leaving J-Bay / Construction / Sharks & Chaplains

This years J-Bay open will forever be defined by the shark attack on Mick Fanning. I am deeply thankful for God's grace and protection and pray for his ongoing peace on those effected by this.  

The last days before our trip felt like living in the departure lounge. In all of it though, it was awesome to have the "Mervinator" with us doing some building and maintenance on our house, as we prepared to leave. Besides the building project, CS had a team of 30 something volunteers that served with excellence at the J-Bay Open. No Doubt this years J-Bay open will forever be known for the shark attack on Mick Fanning. It was a deeply harrowing event. I am thankful to God, that as horrific as it was, it did not end in tragedy. May we keep praying for the competitors and WSL tour personal as they deal with the aftermath of this incident and what it means. 

The Final Good Byes 

Cape Town Family walk up lions head & Edge Church Good Bye

21 years ago I walked into a humble church in Cape Town and they extended grace to me, I met my beautiful soul mate there and felt like I had come home. Thank you Edge Church for your embrace, for your guidance and for being faithful to kingdom values - that now burn in my heart. We will carry you with us where ever we go. 

The Near Future