Friday, 26 June 2015

A Whirlwind before setting sail. 

Always Epic but hope to get a good quota before we leave
It's been a veritable whirlwind since I got back from Australia, and our departure date is now less than a month away. Scary. I hope to be getting a fair quota of this before we leave :)

Ice skating nearly smashed the phone trying to take this selfie on the slippery ice. 

Harley Family Vibes

Sharon is undertaking the mammoth task of handing over her curriculum to the substitute teacher, whilst also compiling and sorting through the back half of this year and next years curriculum for Cailyn & Nathan, so that we can home school them using the schools curriculum. All this whilst being her amazingly, hospitable self to our guests and keeping us all on track. I love you babes you are super woman (no kidding) 

It was fantastic to have my folks with us on returning from AUS. We have been fortunate enough to spend some time with both sets of Grandparents prior to our departure. 

Nathan looking a little distracted LOL

It's a bitter sweet time for us all as... there have been a lot of goodbyes / till we meet again perhaps a better way of saying it. Cailyn's class threw her a surprise goodbye party. Nathan is still pretty much focused on snow and the adventure ahead, but at times seems to also feel the turmoil of leaving. Personally I'm trying to prioritize and tie up what feels like an enumerable number of loose ends. 

Making the most of the visa trip to CT and trying not to feel overwhelmed :)

Visa update

God certainly answers prayers, even those desperate ones you pray outside the visa officers window when he says NO!!! to five months of your trip, and then inexplicably "I don't know why I'm saying yes!" and that "This is not a very well thought out plan!" but never the less He says Yes, to granting the US visas. Only the Uk Visa to go on Monday the 29th June :) Keep praying. 

Who let the dogs out?

A huge thank you to Andrew and Kerry for taking our two lovable pooches. I'm hoping that the above heading is not their new theme song...

Now just need to get them the 1000km from J-Bay to Durban 
What Biscuit ,the black Lab above, thinks he looks like.  

Last bits before making sail

  • Maintain as much CS work as I can as we pack up. Struggling to get to Skype meetings etc.
  • Car :We sold the Car, It was pretty sad seeing our little Meriva leave our driveway for the last time. This was the first car we really bought and it has been a trusty friend. 
  • The Dogs will soon be leaving for DBN, need to integrate them into their new home for the next 11 months
  • Building project: Merve, from our Church in CT, has arrived to help us get our house sorted for Christian Surfers South Africa to rent, and also to assist with the WSL surf event in July. Good to have him in our home (Uncle Merve as Nath calls him) 
  • UK Visa: Doctors; Dentists; Optician. Last rounds of Jabs. Int Drivers License . Insurances; pack up house and the list goes onnnnnnnnnnnn. 

Parting Shot's

So good having Casey and Jen from CS US visiting us.... had to introduce them to big slab of Biltong. 

tantalizingly delicious preserved red meat

whas soo nithe off th dentist to fit me in :)